WE ARE BAD // Spring Rave // Free Party

19 maart 2016 / 21:00 - laat

WE ARE BAD // Spring Rave // Free Party

With the amazing memories of the NYE party still flashing by now and then, we are already ready with our next adventure. Step into the 90s and get your RAVE ON with the next edition of the We Are Bad Group: Spring RAVE!

This time in stead of traveling into the future we will be traveling to the past and recollecting those wonderful memories of the RAVING PAST full of BAD DANCING, BAD FASHION and a BAD ATTITUDE.

We will have a kick-ass line-up loaded with the best tunes with the occasional reminder of the 90s RAVE tracks. Starting with some nice tech-house, going to groovy techno and finishing stronger with a BANG in true RAVER style.

DRESS TO IMPRESS THE WORST FASHIONISTAS! Find your inner RAVER and get those tight leggings, sport jackets and colourful neon details.


21:00-23:00 Mark Inna
23:00-01:00 Sa.lomaonun.es VS Olympias Marras
01:00-03:00 DJ MAD


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