VLLA OP VRIJDAG // Tarq Bowen (live) & more

11 september 2015 / 18:00 - 03:00

VLLA OP VRIJDAG // Tarq Bowen (live) & more

VLLA op VRIJDAG is livingroom clubbing with music, art, food and performance. Bottles of beer for 2 euro, free entrance. This edition, Tarq Bowen will bring you rhythm and blues from London, live on our stage, followed by DJ’s Future Freedom and Stanley Francisco. Adrian Platlovsky drops by during his trip around the world, with his very cool international art project The Backpack, and you can join in on our bring-your-own-food-BBQ. You’re welcome!


Tarq Bowen (live)

“Bowen’s stomp box and slide guitar blues gathers no moss. On the slower numbers, it recalls the soaring melodies and vocals of Buckleys Jnr and Snr” – TIMEOUT

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Tarq-Bowen-VLLA-Amsterdam-bHaving moved around the UK most of his life, Tarq Bowen has seen more than the multi-faceted ups of modern city & country life.  Settling in London after spending his teenage years in Brighton, Tarq gained a loyal following on the gig circuit debuting at the renowned mayfair bar The Scotch.

The last few years have seen Bowen tour New York, Berlin & Ireland, Record with Nick Mason, (Pink Floyd) entertain the Americans for Olympics 2012  & Sell out warehouses backed by orchestras.

This year will see the release of the debut album and much more, stay tuned.

Future Freedom (Mo el Hami)

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Stanley Francisco

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Stanley Francisco and Future Freedom will start with classics and disco from 21:00 hours and build up to deephouse and techno from 23:00 hours.



The Backpack Project – Adrian Platkovsky

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The-Backpack-Project-Adrian-Platkovsky-VLLA-Amsterdam-2015-bAdrian Platkovsky is an abstract painter and currently he’s touring around the world with his international project The Backpack. He travels with 30 canvases which constitute one abstract composition. After each exhibition one piece gets changed based on his inspirations of the place visited and the whole composition transforms throughout his journey. His next stop is Amsterdam.

One of the elements will stay at the place of each exhibition, just like a footprint. The composition is then complemented with a new, different piece consistent with the rest of the collection. One of the elements that gets changed is the background.


Adrian Platkovsky: “I treat it as a ‘barometer’ showing my emotional attitude towards places discovered and people met. In the background I try to capture the atmosphere and uniqueness of each place I visit.”

The creation of The Backpack Project was inspired by the idea of an artistic journey during which the artwork is displayed in a variety of spaces all around the world. Platkovsky’s artistic journey consists of 30 displays documented with video recordings and pictures.

The-Backpack-Project-Adrian-Platkovsky-VLLA-Amsterdam-2015This non-commercial exhibition/travel is intended to promote Platkovsky’s idea of understanding art as a medium that crosses any barriers and borders.

Adrian Platkovsky: “The summary of The Backpack will be a collection of artwork and a videoclip showing meanders of incidents, places and situations I experienced during my journey.”

The final exhibition and the end of the project will take place in his hometown of Cieszyn, Poland.

The exact date of this symbolic return home is not established, and his travel map will be a result of his current plans, dreams and possibilities.



Don’t bother cooking, on Friday you can join us at our open BBQ. Bring your own food!

You bring along saucages, fish or tofu burgers and your favourite sauces or other devine food, we’ll take care of the rest.

Easy does it, because it’s VLLA OP VRIJDAG!


Date: 11 september 2015
Time: 18:00 – 03:00 hours
Entrance: free


Birthday party? Celebrate at VLLA op VRIJDAG! At VLLA almost anything goes, as long as you leave the venue intact. Please send us a mail at feestje@vlla.nl or call Onno via +31(0)6 – 46 10 82 72 for more info.

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