13 oktober 2018 / 22:00 - 06:00

After 4 years of amazingly successful underground Jungle parties in London, Vibena Jungle & #RCFF have decided its time to splash some of their purple party vibes across the world kickstarting in everybody’s favourite crazy European city, Hammsshhtterdam.

They have hand picked 2 location that perfectly suits the venues they use back in London: VLLA & the Bulldog Hotel.

For the meet and greet / pre-parties and send-off party they will be using the Bulldog Hotel up till 9pm which is right in the heart of the red light district, close to Central Station and plenty of coffee shops. There you can drink, smoke, dance and catch loads of jokes before you head over to the chosen night time venue VLLA.

Get them here: https://vibenajungle.com/

// PROGRAM #02
Saturday night see’s #RCFF in the house so just like the radio show every Friday they will be covering the whole rave spectrum from the late 80’s right up to current day, literally every angle covered >> Acid House / Club Classics / Hardcore / Jungle / DnB

DJ’s: Uncle Dugs, Billy Daniel Bunter, Jono D and Lavery with hosts MC Moose and Shockin B

Limited 1st release #RCFF members full weekend bands = £60 + b/f **SOLD OUT**
Limited full weekend bands = £70 + b/f
Friday night only band = £40 + b/f
Saturday night only band = £40 + b/f
Get them here: https://vibenajungle.com/
Paper tickets available: Vanessa (cash / mail outs / drop offs) 07794 068179

With the slogan ‘Hard To Find, Easy To Love’ it pretty much sums up what our wonderful rave culture is all about. As soon as we found this venue we fell in love with it. It has everything we need for our kind of parties. Space to dance, a bar, some huge speakers, no rules on smoking weed, a bathroom and excellent staff. 10 mins away (10 Euro Uber) from Amsterdam Central this is a little gem of a place that I know you lot are gonna love. Exactly the kind of venue we would use in London but better, cos its in Amsterdam..!!

Bulldog Hotel (3pm-9pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
The world famous Bulldog Hotel will be our base to meet up each night before the actually main parties. This is the perfect venue for us to get warmed up in. Right in the heart of the Red Light District close to all the main spots we can drink, eat and smoke here till we are ready to roll over to The Vlla for the late session each night. Music policy at The Bulldog Hotel will be party classics, literally all genres right across the board. Uncle Dugs will be hosting the sessions with guest DJ’s passing through each evening. Friendly staff and a wicked pre party warm up atmosphere, that’s even before us lot turn up..!!

Vibena Jungle
Any questions / enquiries please email us at: rcffmail@gmail.com

Facebook: Vibena Jungle (let us know when you are joining!) // VLLA
Instagram: Vibena Juble // VLLA

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