PRAXIS 01 // Opening Event

15 juni 2014 / 12:00 - 01:00

PRAXIS 01 // Opening Event

Praxis is the connection between the idea and the action. It refers to the act of practising ideas. On the 15th of June we will practise our idea for the very first time and we invite you to give us your feedback , in a 13 hours both outdoor and indoor music Marathon starring local beloved artists as well as Berlin based technoheads.
We call it ‘PRAXIS 01’ and we will do the best we can to give you nothing less than a 13 hours pure party atmosphere and an underground feeling.
Join us and share it only if you are convinced.

Line Up

cassegrain (3h Dj set) (Prologue//Killekill//DE)

3.14 (Modal Analysis//GR)

ME.N.U. ( morgen.am//8Bit//Awakenings//MKD)

La Vondèl (morgen.am//Awakenings//NL)

Anèl ( ESHU Agency//NL)

RodNonSonJon (NL)

PRX (a.k.a Nash//Praxis//GR)


Regular : € 10,- [BUY TICKET]

Incl. 2 burgers : € 15,-  [BUY TICKET]

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