LIFEBACK // Night of the Fallen Stars

10 december 2016 / 22:00 - 03:00

LIFEBACK // Night of the Fallen Stars

Dead celebrities (B.C./A.D.), VIPs with plummeting reputation, meteors, once-famous who faded into obscurity, Macaulay Culkin’s…all invited for a night in Hollywood to shine once again before sinkin’ into oblivion, to defy gravity before the final impact.


Feel free to be part of the meteor showers and get your 15 minutes of fame.
Don’t feel like it? It’s ok, we’ll love you anyway in your black t-shirt and skinny jeans.


It’s a techno mystery, more TBA


Regular Meteor – 8€ via Chipta
Late Meteor (at the door) – 12€


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