26 april 2018 / 22:00 - 05:00


We are the children our parents warned us about. Let’s create a vibe where the misfits fit in. Get in trouble during Lawless // Kingsnight.

Lawless isn’t just your average Kingsnight party. Organized by Rebel-Tape productions and hosted by Rebelle, Lawless Kingsnight brings you an intimate experience in an off the radar venue (VLLA Amsterdam), to give you a real old school vibe.

Raw, compact, and back to basics. Without a plan and guided by the flow of music and creativity, Lawless celebrates individuality and diversity for the best in sounds and senses.

// Time
22:00 – 05:00

// Line up
Taras Van De Voorde
* William Djoko
* Rebelle

// Tickets
* Early | € 10,- (till 1-04-2018)
* Lawless | € 12,50
* Trouble | € 15,-
Get your ticket at: https://bit.ly/2GGoWtC

// Social Media
Facebook: Lawless Kingsnight
Instagram: Lawless // VLLA

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