CROWN ROYALE GHETTO JAM // Anonymous Party People

20 mei 2017 / 19:00 - 06:00

CROWN ROYALE GHETTO JAM // Anonymous Party People

It’s late in the night, the street sleepers are sleeping. You walk amongst the ruin of another Bronx apartment block, searching for the party. Somewhere – there’s still a beat.

Roll on to Chicago, and down in the warehouse, where the Godfather of House Music is doing his thing. The house never stops, there’s still a beat.

Move on to those bootleg vinyl moments in some block party. You still feel the beat. The experimentation of new sounds, the colours of the street, the sound of Donna Summers and the disco legends.

From the Bronx, to Detroit, to Chicago and New York. This is the Crown Royale Ghetto Jam. A block party session with thick baselines, naughty synthesizers and a massive beat evolution – from the afternoon until the sun comes up.


* Dope Beats.
* BBQ with Outdoor DJs.
* Indoor DJ’s with massive moves.
* A platform to showcase your inner artistic talents.
* An extra late night session at VLLA. Open until LATE!
* Chill out space.
* Stree vibes, massive tunes, sexy people.
* An opportunity to wear Adidas Hi Tops.
* HUGE beat evolution.


Before 11 => STREET BEATS
After 11 => DYNAMIC FUNK


-On the Terrace-
* Hurricane Smith
* Quame

-On the Dancefloor-
* The Mountain (Milkshake Festival)
* Harley Doorson & Maksi (Cirkel)
* Darkos


Pre-Sale € 10,- via Resident Advisor


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