ADE // ICK (International Choreographic Arts Centre)

17 oktober 2019 / 17:00 - 02:00

ADE // ICK (International Choreographic Arts Centre)

Thursday October 17 | 17.00h – 02.00h
The material and political gestures of DJ’ing and dancing

For the second year, ICK Amsterdam joins forces with ADE to create a program where choreographers and DJ’s come together to explore the intersection of their practices. This year’s theme is inspired by the moment the beat kicks in – the Drop.

Body DROP presents a range of performances, DJ sets and a panel discussion exploring these themes. We affirm our desire to party together, as well as to think critically about with whom and how we do so.
The drop is a sense perception. When it happens, we understand the space we are in. We feel our weight and gravity, this makes us consistent. We feel the resonance and reverberation of what has been playing so far. This makes us powerful. All preceding moments are captured in one instant, and in this instant we can run into the future. Without prediction. Without fear. We reorient and re-organise for new rhythms to come.
The Drop is felt on the dance floor as a moment of ecstatic unification, yet this (seemingly singular) event emerges from a longer labour of rhythmic play and resonances across different tracks. The same could be said for every social, personal and political transition. In the microcosmos of the club – where rhythms and bodies are in constant negotiation – the Drop signifies the potential to re-tune ourselves towards unpredictable futures, individually and as a group.
If we consider dancing and DJing as inherently political gestures, what might we learn about difference, transformation, and the practice of building temporary communities?
Body DROP aims towards an inclusive and intersectional space, and to promote a queer and feminist counter-presence to the patriarchal habits of mainstream club culture. It is open to all.
Body DROP is curated by Elisa Zuppini and Noha Ramadan. With performances and music from: Elisa Zuppini, Ziúr, Isadora Tomasi, Nocturnal Femme, Setareh Fatehi, Fatima Ferrari and others. Full program & timetable to be announced soon.
Door sale: €15,00 | Pre-sale: €12,50 | Students/ADE card holders: €7,50

About ICK

ICK (International Choreographic Arts Centre), directed by Emio Greco en Pieter C. Scholten, is an acclaimed dance platform that produces international dance performances, collaborates with guest artists and initiates various education projects. As the Amsterdam City Company for Contemporary Dance and as the resident company of Theater De Meervaart, ICK contributes to dance development in the city. The dance ensemble of ICK is distinguishable by the specific dance language developed by the choreographers. The intuitively moving body is always central to their work. The repertoire of ICK possesses a special quality of communicating deeper layers of meaning to the audience, whilst also attracting spectators who merely wish to enjoy the beauty of the dance to the performances. The company received various prestigious prizes and toured all over the world during the past twenty years.


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