18 oktober 2019 / 21:00 - 06:00


After a sold out unofficial showcase debut at a rather unofficial sweaty greenhouse last year, VLLA is looking forward seeing some plantloving ravers! Friday October 19, 2019, during ADE we welcome HAUSPLANTS. Expect house and techno with a jungle vibe from yours truly, leading to moments of euphoria and spontaneous photosynthesis. No cold drafty halls filled with stroboscopes, but an intimate rave full of HAUSPLANTs.

And of course bring your own plant!



  • Klikspaan. Rotterdam based DJ and co-founder of HAUSPLANT, creating beautiful musical moments in between records you did not know you wanted to hear yet.
  • Thym Flies. When you’re having fun…
  • Kluun. Once struck by the dancing branches of his Aloe Vera at his DJ table, Kluun learned to understand the dancing soul of plants. He knows what your plant likes and what makes them move to the beat. In turn, through your plant, he will turn you from that steady oak standing in the corner into a flexible willow moving forward in the crowd, moving to that beat, moving in ways it ought to be a feat. To think this all started with a simple Aloe Vera…
  • PLINK.  This little seed flourished in the early days when Compact Discs were still a big thing. After taking a few years off during a plant-abatical, his fellow HAUSPLANTS convinced him to get back behind the hedge playing music. With a few twigs up his sleeve he increases the BPM like ivy. Keep your leaves wet because you’ll be in for an uptempo treat.
  • LEBOWSKI. Lebowski lives next to De School. Coincidence or not? His signature energetic dance moves cannot be missed. When not clubbing, his own living room is turned into a full blown club experience. This raver at heart kicked off his DJ career slightly different, matching his personality. Starting international (Hamburg, Barcelona, Jakarta) before spreading love, techno and acid to his home base in Amsterdam.

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