New jazz night on the 21st of August: Smokin’ Jazz

11 augustus 2015 Nieuws

Friday the 21st of August we take off with a new jazz night at VLLA. Smokin’ Jazz. Authentic jazz sounds flow together with authentic dishes. Prepared on an open fire, while steaming jazz descends from the stage over the tables. Open bottles on the table, and the tap flows abundantly! A late summernight won’t get any better than this.

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Singer Marit Rooijakkers and guitarist Roberto Garretón combine their own compositions with those by famed jazz musicians. Emotion, passion and nonchalance take their turn. Marit collaborates with musicians with a broad and versatile background en has earned her tracks in the music business. You might have seen her perform on stage during Jazz in Duketown.


Improvisation applies both to jazz and BusBQ. They cook on an open fire, grill the meat right in front of you and smoke all-day. For BusBQ, table manners do not exist, and every dish can be presented in a different way. Potatoes are thrown on the table cloth, they serve a dish in a paper cup, you cut your meat with wooden cutlary en eat meat with your fingers. Everything goes. As long as it is real.

While jazz slams over de tables, dinner consists of four courses:

Attorney with strawberries

Freshly smoked pork, served cold and flanked by strawberries with a dollop of sauce.

Vegetarians replace the pork with a grilled vegetable skewer, and keep the strawberries and the sauce.

Roasted pumpkin

Cut like fries pumpkin, roasted in olive oil with rosemary, and sprinkled with lime and a pinch of sea salt.


Apple pieces sprinkled with cinnamon, rolled in self-seasoned beef meatloaf, wrapped with bacon and covered with honey and bourbon. Smoked for one hour and a half. Served with corn, cabbage salad and again a dollop of sauce.

For vegetarians we grill a steak of watermelon.

Grilled pine apple

Grilled on open fire, with a bit of sugar. Served on a sauce of alcoholfree pinacolada, and next to a bulb of mint ice cream.

Before that, we serve home made tortillas with a dip.


Everything is prepared by ourselves. From the sauce to the main dish. Although we use as many organic products as is possible, not everything is organic. Sometimes the quality of another fresh product is simply better, and we use that. The meat originates from quality farms. The pigs, chickens and cows we use, led a good life, and were served fine food. You’ll notice this right away in the quality.


Friday Augusy 21st, 2015.

The kitchen opens at 18.00, and closes at 22.30. The music starts at 19.00 and ends at 23.00. A dj will close the evening. We’re open till 3.00.


The price of the four course dinner, including live performance is € 27,50 per person.


Please reserve your table by calling 00316 46 10 82 72, indicating the number of people, time and cell phone number.

Do you prefer dining vegetarian? Please tell us in advance when you reserve your table.

BUSBQ !?! 

busbqBusBQ is a grill, barbecue, smoker and fire barrel in one. You can barbecue on it, grill on open fire, smoke hot and cold, and steam. Each BusBQ is made by hand, and is therefore unique. It’s made of re-used materials as much as possible, like food barrels, air intakes, exhausts/outlets, grids/rosters and fire baskets. For more information, please check the BusBQ website or BusBQ on Facebook.



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