New monthly cult night at VLLA: sonic imprints by Karakter and Union Jack Records

4 maart 2014 Nieuws

Karakter is a new cult night hosted on the second Friday of each month at VLLA. Dedicated to deep, intense and imaginative music for the dance floor, this night serves to showcase the sonic imprint associated to Union Jack Records and its guests. The first edition will be held at the 14th of March.

kevin duaneKevin Duane is an upcoming dj and producer from New York, living in Amsterdam. He is one of the founders of Deep House Amsterdam and is also known for playing at the De Nachtdivisie, Lazy Sundays and Trutjes.

Sergio Obergh is a young gentleman from Amsterdam with roots in Soul and Hip Hop music.  He has his own Cookie Club night in Club Air and works for Spooker, a major booking agency in Amsterdam.

KarakterJacopo is an Italian dj living in Amsterdam. He has played on various events trough out Italy and this is his debut appearance in Amsterdam.

Last but not least and warming up for their guests, Sex Tape promises to showcase a few Union Jack unreleased tunes.

Join us at the 1st Karakter Friday night on the 14th of March at VLLA.

VLLA opens at 18:00 hours
Kitchen is open between 18:00 and 22:00 hours
DJ’s will start playing from 21:00 hours




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