Exclusive Simon Heslin interview about all things Electronique and ADE

17 oktober 2013 Nieuws

Door: Jongens v/d Wereld

Electronique owner Simon Heslin gave an exclusive interview with Jongens v/d Wereld talking about all things Electronique and Amsterdam Dance Event ahead of our first ElectroniqueUK showcase there at VLLA Thursday 17th of October. Read the full interview below.

JvdW – How are you Simon? Excited that Electronique Label is coming to Amsterdam for ADE for the first time?

I’m very well thanks . Yes i’m very excited that we are going to ADE, this is my first time here and i can’t wait!

It’s a very important time of the year for labels to network, meet new people and generally showcase the sound of the label, so I am very pleased to be at ADE this year.

JvdW – Electronique is coming with a killer line up at the intimate cozy VLLA. Can you tell me more about the dj’s who are going to play?

Simon Heslin_Electronique UK_Amsterdam Dance Event_VLLA vierdaagse_AmsterdamYes we are very pleased to put this line-up together in conjunction with you guys your super easy and great guys to work with.

We have brought in a mixture of new exciting talent and some of the artists that already feature heavily on the label. They have a real mix of styles to listen to throughout the day/night

Joining us for this first year are DJ Le Roi who has been around for a quite a while now and is a quality DJ really looking forward to seeing him play. He was also kind enough to provide an exclusive mix for this showcase for our good friends at Deep House Amsterdam which can be listened to on the link below


Also we have the Italian duo Cosmic Cowboys who bring something totally different and fresh musically to the showcase.

Also joining us my good friends Mat.Joe from Berlin and Jay West who are on both fire this year with various productions and their DJ sets are just as good i know first hand from previous showcases we have done together.

John Monkman is another superb talent out of the UK, it was important to have some homegrown talent on the line-up. From the Netherlands we have local DJ’s Prunk and Pony who are already well established in the Amsterdam scene plus our Special Guest which we will get too later of course

So it really is an international affair and there something for everyone’s musical taste buds at this years showcase

JvdW – Also the mystery guest (Unfortunately I can’t say who it is but trust me it is someone special). The people who are you coming are in for a real treat. The Electronique showcase is going to be the hottest pre-party of ADE.

Haha shhh it’s a secret! but yes i’m very pleased to have them playing and yes the crowd will certainly be in for a treat when they grace the decks at VLLA this week.

JvdW – Are you staying for the whole ADE if so which parties are you going to attend?

I already have some meetings planned while i’m at the ADE, I will probably stay till around Saturday. There are so many great parties happening it’s really hard to choose but i’ll certainly be attending a few before Saturday that’s for sure!

JvdW – How is the Deep House scene in Manchester?

Yes it’s currently very strong with the Warehouse Project, they bring some of the biggest international live acts and DJ’s from across the world to Manchester so we are pretty spoiled there. Also we have some great venue’s like Gorilla doing some very cool parties every single weekend! So it’s great place to be right now for some solid and enjoyable nights out in the city.

JvdW – When can we expect new releases from your label (which dj’s and which collaborations), and which showcases do you have planned now?

Well we have our special 40th Release coming right after ADE featuring some cool original tracks from Mat.Joe and John Monkman who you can see this week at VLLA. Also a couple of hot new talents Dayne S and Moodwax you can listen to there previews right at the Electronique Soundcloud link below and the release will be available to buy on the 21st October exclusive to Beatport so make sure you check it out!


There’s also some cool collaborations and surprises coming on the label before the year is over but you just have to wait and see for yourself. I can’t say too much right now but it’s all very exciting.

In the future we will continue to showcase our sound around the world with another tour planned back to South America in 2014 and some more projects i’m really exiting about plenty of new music will be coming from the label next year so there is plenty to look forward to!

Event LINK : https://www.facebook.com/events/667353366610682/
Where: VLLA
Date: 17-10-2013

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